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Angle Fire

Angle Fire

There is something awe-inspiring to watch the sky come alive. Aurora in the lower 48 is much different then aurora in Alaska, most of the time. In Ohio, I have seen brilliant reds as well as greens and violets. In Alaska much of the time you see a vibrant green. That might seem boring but it's not. In Alaska the aurora can move so fast your eyes can't keep up with it. Here in Ohio, it moves, just not as fast as it does in Alaska. It is incredible no matter where you see it. You can see other colors then green in Alaska. When solar activity is high, Alaska can be one of the best places to see the most colorful aurora. The worst part is there is no way to predict when it will show up. All conditions might be perfect but there is no guarantee you will see them. You will have to make a choice to stay up and watch or sleep. My choice is easy.