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Reaching for the Stars

Reaching for the Stars

Yellowstone National Park is huge. I had read that every time I picked up a book but for some reason, I didn't realize it was so big. I wanted to image Old Faithful at night when I made reservations but I didn't realize that with the bison and speed limit it would take me over an hour each direction to drive it. When I finally figured it out, I couldn't find lodging any I left the cabin at 9:00pm. Driving Yellowstone at night is a bit challenging, at least for me, since my concern was bison in the dark. It was after 10pm when I arrived. I sat up and waited for Old Faithful to put on her show. It was cold that night. I was not as prepared for that as I should have been, it was August. Within a few minutes, a dad and his daughter came up to see what I was doing out there, in the night, alone, with a camera. I explained my plan and the daughter looked at the dad and said," Old Faithful doesn't do that thing at night!" The dad asked her why and she had an explanation. Old Faithful had to sleep too. Thank goodness, Old Faithful didn't sleep tonight!