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Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Before I left for Alaska, I decided I needed a guide to find some different places to image the aurora. I found a husband and wife team that took a small group of photographers out for a few hours to "chase" the aurora. I was packing my gear when I received a call about my upcoming tour. CBS Morning News would be joining us for most of the tour. The news crew had been interviewing our guides and they had been chasing the aurora for a couple of weeks with no luck. Tonight looked promising for aurora. I hopped into the van and looked right into the camera. Kind of nerve wrecking! We drove for about thirty minutes and came to this spot. It looked like a winter wonderland. While waiting for the aurora, I found this spot. It was off the path but it looked promising. One thing about Alaska and snow, if you get off the path you. will most likely sink in lose snow. I was walking carefully but I sunk in to the snow almost up to my waist. Lee Cowan, from CBS, was nice enough to pull me out. This was my first time on CBS. You will see me in various shots in that telecast. I think they liked my hat! The aurora showed up later.