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In March of 2015, I did some traveling around Alaska. I had never seen the roads as bad as they were this year. Before I left, I decided I wanted to go to the Arctic Circle and I wasn't going that distance alone. I found a small tour driving to the Arctic Circle. They picked me up at 2pm and I returned at 5am the next morning. Fifteen hours on the road and we hit blizzard conditions. I can safely say I won't drive to the Arctic Circle, even with professionals again. It was something to see. Most of the drive is totally desolate. As you can see, we did catch some spectacular views. Between the snowstorms, the aurora came out for about an hour. We happened to be in a great spot right across from the Yukon River. The moisture had stuck to the trees making a wonderland foreground. This was taken on the Dalton Highway at mile marker 48. What a night, I couldn't ask for more. We had some beautiful sights and we lived to talk about it!