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Cosmic Dreaming

Cosmic Dreaming

I’m in West Virginia and it is late July. It’s really hot and the mosquitos are hungry! I will be camping here for a week and the skies are nice and dark. I like taking a panoramic of my tent area when I’m camping. I try to choose a site that I can walk outside the tent and start imaging. This was a great spot until someone spotted a black bear in the woods. They said it ran when they put their arms in the air and yelled at it. Somehow, that didn’t help much, as the tent walls are thin, and I am usually outside imaging at night. Not to mention how close my tent is to the woods! Sometimes you just have to believe that it will be alright and have a good time anyway. I didn’t have any problems the week I was there, and the skies were beautiful. I can’t wait to go back.